Wednesday, September 1, 2010

• travel journal day 1

giggle , well almost day 1 .

Maya and I had toyed with the idea of leaving today for our holiday ... but alas here we are enjoying some quiet time in the sunshine ... the holiday can wait another day when deeper connections are asking for a little room to grow ...

• those are the days that magic is made of , when amidst all the hustle and bustle, the toings and froings ... perceived plans turn into unplans and little moments of joy make us chase the bells of the ice-cream van ....

• I am filled with a curious sense of entering a space that lies somewhere between anticipation and surrender ... surrounded by boxes of food, gifts, clothes and hiking gear all waiting to be travelled up to a little fishing boat on the shores of Scotland that will take us to a remote peninsular ... I find myself searching for the ebb and flow of what things may come ...

• I am not naturally an outdoor sort of type , usually more prone to caving up like a hermit ... this trip is a challenge in so many ways ... it feels like barriers are simply asking to be crushed down ... full on !

• so without further ado i shall put on some marvellously magic travelling shoes and see where they choose to take me ....

... milliande


  1. Ya can NEVER have to many precious moments with Maya. She's growing quickly and it's those moments which have the most meaning.Hugs~Poe

  2. Milliande what a wonderful future you are giving Maya she will have experienced so much.

  3. just tap those heels together and the pair of you are sure to be transported to magical realms-

    safe and happy travel lovelies.

  4. Happy journeys to you and Maya! Make lots of memories...and by the way those shoes are to die for cute! I want a pair!

  5. Well, those shoes definitely weren't made for "caving up". They look like they're made for adventures, maybe like Dorothy in the Wizzard of Oz, though hopefully not so scary. :) They also look like they're made for dancing. Have a great time!