Thursday, September 2, 2010

day 3 travel diary

Maya has long admired Beatrix Potter and loves the way she made her animals the centre
of her stories ... today we got a chance to visit the area in the lake district where Miss Potter spent a lot of her time ..

• needless to say Maya was very exited ... and we started with the world if Beatrix Potter attraction

• a little rest in the potter cafe

• after that we took a little ferry across lake Windermere to Hill Top Farm ... a house where Beatrix Potter wrote most of her books except Peter Rabbit

• according to her wishes it has been kept in exactly the same condition as if she left to go to the shops ...

• Maya in search of Peter, cottontail and flopsy ... in Beatrix Potters garden

the latest movie about the early life of her has been filmed in various places in the lake district

• hard on the trail of a carrot tail quiz

• time for a well earned rest and picnic by lake Windermere ... Not that Maya wants a rest ... giggle

... a beautiful day

... milliande

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  1. Sweet. You and maya share such a wonderful relationship.