Saturday, May 21, 2011

approaching Paris

Rucksacks packed and at the ready ... 5 days of Paris are waiting 

all aboard --the Eurostar train in London ... last we travelled to London when Maya was still snuggled up in my womb ... a trip for my birthday ... now 10 years later I have a young lady next to me who is ever so exited ... ahh how time flies... just where on earth is my baby gone :-) 

nosed deep in magazines as the train speeds through the tunnel ..

ahh finally ..the long awaited food carraige in the train ... for a steaming bowl of typical french cuisine ... smoked sausage and pork belly on a cassoulet of lentil ... yum
followed by a delicious hot chocolate... and Maya is in travel heaven:-) 

 yep ...his is fun ... " I could do this all day " ..she declares as I stare in wonder at this marvelllous young lady

so half an hour to go ..before we arrive in Paris ... find out little apartment
and let the senses be invited into a city of wonderous delights ...

...milliande, maya and the man