Wednesday, July 6, 2011

cakes and cat

Maya is still jusy experimenting with different gluten free cake recipes .. no luck thus time rhe chocolate cake did not risre :(

we have been enjoying daily evening walks .. especially when there is a pitstop at the playground

yep life is like a seesaw ride

bit of a sore throat... so babe is snuggling up with her nose deep in her book in the nook above my studio ... she is reading Book 3 of the Warrior Cats

sweet dreams ... for Ronnie Stinker

Sunday, July 3, 2011

wild walks

Been having fun with our walks at dusk every day
and sore bottoms at the seesaw ...

stopped off at the playground for some serious seesaw action .. which resulted in sore bottoms indeed

spotted a young deer sitting in the tall grass and babe run alongside it for a while

.. Maya spotted this on TV .. most talented animals and we took a photo ... a water skiing squirrel ... amd its iwner trains squirrels to waterski ... I have mixed feelings about that .. I know people train dogs etc to do tricks .. but squirrels ? hmm pondering that one ..

The Man spent a few days in Spain on business ... we had had enough travelling for a while so stayed home ... and look what he brought back as a present ... grin

she found it hilariously funny ..

finishing off with a glorious sunset ...

little M & big m & the man