Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my letter to omi

my letter or parcel to omi

I made this horse out of wood for omi that means granny In german

and this bird with ears

and this letter to put in the parcel

and in german

and a drawing of my mice bench bonnet bell and bloomers

I had to fold them up do that they fit into the parcel

the stuff I used or most of it

ready to decorate and put the address on

love Maya and the dragons

weekend joy

the lovely sunshine we have had this spring has rejuvenated us deeply .. and the garden is getting it's fair share of our attention ..

- planted 3 raspberry and 1 gooseberry bush ... fingers crossed they will take in their newly dug beds filled with a good dose of well rotted manure

- we had fun starting a sunflower race .. each little terracotta pot contains. each persons "secret compost ingredient" and a lot of love to see which sunflower will raise it's head closest to the sun ... for now they are wrapped up warm in a dark ace waiting to germinate

- we had a beautiful visitor to our little garden ... a deeply red colored moth .. does anyone know what it's name is ?

- a trip to the local garden centre left 2 girlies oogling the gorgeous little mouslets ... and after an refreshing " easterish " cappuccino ...

- we could not resist giving 2 little girls a new home

.. welcome Bell

and Bloomers :)

whilst the man couldn't resist teasing the goldfish ...

glub ... glub

babe finished off by doing the garden centre Easter hunt ... 10 clues ... 10 eggs hidden ... and a mini chocolate egg bag as a prize :)

a joyful weekend

milliande, maya & the man

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tintagel ... a peek at a medieval house

had a fab stopover in Tintagel for the night ,

... a small tiny village on a dramatic coastline

found a little medieval manor house built in the 14th century , in the 19th century it hosted a post office ... had a peek at how life played itself out in medieval times

let's peek

the heart of the home with a built in oven ...

keeping warm beside the fire

the lady of the house

a little candlelight perhaps ...

let's take wander into the upper living quarters ..

a beautiful little writing desk with warm soft light falling in on a sunny day ..

and space for a little love


an embroidered sampler

the young female members of the household showing off their skills with needle and thread and various different types of embroidery stitches ..

the tiniest if little window nooks

I wonder how deep this well is in the garden ?

the perfect little bench to rest a while ...

and feast your eyes on gorgeous spring flowers

a peek at the tiny little windows from the outside of the house

we did enjoy our little visit to this beautiful house .... now let's go and visit Tintagel castle ...

milliande, maya & the man

Cornwall here we come .. via Exeter

Early start at 5.30 am .., out of the house at 6.45 ... hearty breakfast stop at 8 am :)

yummy fry up

quick nano cache outside the restaurant ... getting into holiday geocaching mode ... always takes us to the most unexpected interesting places ..

passed Stonehenge on our way , an ancient stone circle in the mist

second geocache stopover at exeter airport .. fun cache .. picked up a travel bug wishing to go to Kefalonia, a Greek island, babe and the man off to Cyprus next month to see grandma so the bug will be well on her way to her travel goal ...

It got quite cloudy and misty over the dartmoor moors where we saw the windfarm .. giant wheels harnessing the power of the wind which was buffeting our van a bit so we could feel it .. what a raw energy source harnessed here ...

Forgotten to take my camera lead, so stopover in the nearest largish town to find a camera shop ... in luck in Exeter... could not resist a quick peek at the cathedral..

Exeter Cathedral ... lots of building work going on but would love to return one day for a closer look ...

medieval plans of the Exeter cathedral grounds that a currently being re-designed

stunning doors with intricate carved designs ..

thick oak beams and carved accent details ...

I can never resist old ironwork door handles .. their feel and sound can transport me straight into another place in time ...

Maya could not resist opening the door .. giggle ... a true explorers heart .. and so we got a peek into this little courtyard ..

bought the camera lead, only one hour to peek around but noted Exeter in our log for places worth coming back for .. next time we have travel days ...

lunchtime snack of a hot straight from the oven Cornish pasty ... before heading off toward Tintagel and a peek at King Arthur' Myth and the Arthurian legends playground .... pics to follow ....

milliande, maya & the man