Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weekend joy

the lovely sunshine we have had this spring has rejuvenated us deeply .. and the garden is getting it's fair share of our attention ..

- planted 3 raspberry and 1 gooseberry bush ... fingers crossed they will take in their newly dug beds filled with a good dose of well rotted manure

- we had fun starting a sunflower race .. each little terracotta pot contains. each persons "secret compost ingredient" and a lot of love to see which sunflower will raise it's head closest to the sun ... for now they are wrapped up warm in a dark ace waiting to germinate

- we had a beautiful visitor to our little garden ... a deeply red colored moth .. does anyone know what it's name is ?

- a trip to the local garden centre left 2 girlies oogling the gorgeous little mouslets ... and after an refreshing " easterish " cappuccino ...

- we could not resist giving 2 little girls a new home

.. welcome Bell

and Bloomers :)

whilst the man couldn't resist teasing the goldfish ...

glub ... glub

babe finished off by doing the garden centre Easter hunt ... 10 clues ... 10 eggs hidden ... and a mini chocolate egg bag as a prize :)

a joyful weekend

milliande, maya & the man

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  1. Ohhhh such a joyful look on Maya's face! The sunny weather makes it easier to feel good & have fun! Hope you are all well.

    Lily x