Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tintagel ... a peek at a medieval house

had a fab stopover in Tintagel for the night ,

... a small tiny village on a dramatic coastline

found a little medieval manor house built in the 14th century , in the 19th century it hosted a post office ... had a peek at how life played itself out in medieval times

let's peek

the heart of the home with a built in oven ...

keeping warm beside the fire

the lady of the house

a little candlelight perhaps ...

let's take wander into the upper living quarters ..

a beautiful little writing desk with warm soft light falling in on a sunny day ..

and space for a little love


an embroidered sampler

the young female members of the household showing off their skills with needle and thread and various different types of embroidery stitches ..

the tiniest if little window nooks

I wonder how deep this well is in the garden ?

the perfect little bench to rest a while ...

and feast your eyes on gorgeous spring flowers

a peek at the tiny little windows from the outside of the house

we did enjoy our little visit to this beautiful house .... now let's go and visit Tintagel castle ...

milliande, maya & the man


  1. Your pictures bought back memories of a thatched cottage my cousins owned in Dorset. It was built in 1543. In 1975 they were finally given permission by the preservation society to do some repairs. They had just finished knocking a small hole in one of the walls when a tiny leather shoe, obviously for a child and very, very old fell from the rubble. It was carefully preserved and hung for display in that old cottage. If only it could tell the story!

  2. How fun. We went to visit the post office in Tintagel years ago. Did you go to Arthur's Castle? I loved the old postoffice... Don't know if I blogged about it... Tintagel is magical... It's a small world after all.