Monday, June 28, 2010

• geocaching logbook June •

... after typing in the longtitude and latitude coordinates into our cars tom tom sat nav we arrived at a small pathway that we had driven by many times before but had never quite noticed ... we love that geocaching brings us into unexpected places to discover

... ohh I can't wait, quick take a photo so I can peek in :)

... the green label of the official geocaching members cache ... lots of people organize treasurehunts for kids , geocaching for kids and adults alike is like a big global treasure hunt for members of

.... the geocaching hide treasure some items had suffered a bit of water damage so we cleaned out the cache box and freshened up the treasure a bit for the next geocaching kids to find

... signed the geocaching logbook with our handcarved stamp , picked up a geocaching coin and dropped a travelbug

... a perfect summer day ...

Friday, June 25, 2010

• to see creatively •

... I cannot but wonder at the gaze that is directed by the muse ... for she plays with light and motion to capture my attention ... the attention of the eye that sees ... the heart that feels and the soul that yearns to stare at itself in the mirror ...

... can one teach to gaze or is the gazing inborn .. flying like a wild bird caught on the updraft if a light breeze ...

... to nurture the gaze..

... to nourish curiosity

... I will walk with you ... so here ... hold my hand

• I wish •

... to feel connection ... to see myself in her eyes ... to know that she has chosen me as much as I chose her ....

... when tiny feet wriggle closer to feel my skin and only come to rest when the warmth is detected and the soul made connection ...

... I feel memories of when I was her age ... looking for connection only to be met by separation ... here is a chance again ... to experience that which was denied ... only know I am being mirrored back that which I could not before ... and I bow in understanding

... unschooling trains of thought ... to know that we have the freedom ... the unpressured time to linger in a moment a little longer .. because the moment teaches us all that we have come here to know ....


• balance •

... arms stretched wide, a skip and a jump and then a moment of freeflying ...

... before hands sturdily support the fall ... propelling motion

... maya asked me what life would be like without hands ... and I paused ... and offered no other thought for a while as deep contemplation sank into the both of us ... no hands ... I could offer no answer but a suggestion ... to try and bandage our 2 hands and then try walking through life for a while ... it was quiet again ... until we moved on to another topic in our conversation


· as a new day dawns ·

  • as a new day dawns... a simple blooming is caught in the glimpse of a soul stirring .. I hear hear breathing, I see her rising and emerging deeply into the new day 

  • sleep ..the wonderous passenger that tells stories of long lost cities hiding between the veils of knowing ..sleeping like a baby ..innocent to the knowing .. she sleeps and dreams herself into being

• as fragile as a feather •

...sometimes life seems as fragile as a feather, twisting and turning in the wind as the ebb and flow rises

... and then we land .. in a new place rich with possibility waiting for us to explore ... observe ... and stay for a while


• something is stirring •

Something is stirring, something has been stirring for a while now.. stirring in my heart, my soul and as I watch myself wander along the periphery of this life I am beginning to feel deeper and deeper connections .. to my daughter.. this beautiful soul that has chosen to walk alongside me for a while ..

It is our heartfelt soul connection that continues to nourish me everyday ... here I would like to celebrate that connection, honor the passages from here on in and fill our well with images

walk alongside us if you like