Monday, June 28, 2010

• geocaching logbook June •

... after typing in the longtitude and latitude coordinates into our cars tom tom sat nav we arrived at a small pathway that we had driven by many times before but had never quite noticed ... we love that geocaching brings us into unexpected places to discover

... ohh I can't wait, quick take a photo so I can peek in :)

... the green label of the official geocaching members cache ... lots of people organize treasurehunts for kids , geocaching for kids and adults alike is like a big global treasure hunt for members of

.... the geocaching hide treasure some items had suffered a bit of water damage so we cleaned out the cache box and freshened up the treasure a bit for the next geocaching kids to find

... signed the geocaching logbook with our handcarved stamp , picked up a geocaching coin and dropped a travelbug

... a perfect summer day ...

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