Thursday, June 30, 2011

tudors, rivals and shadows

Maya has decided she would like to study the Tudor Times a little deeper ..

she got all her supplies outdoors ..

and started on the cover for her Tudor Lapbook she is going design ..

the sunshine we have had over the last few days made our new flower border next to our swingseat bloom gorgeously ..

Had a fun powerwalk through the woods in an attempt to get a little fitter :)

.. and then a sight we thought we would never see ... Raphael and Ronnie have been territorially fighting ever since Ronnie joined our family last year ... today was the first day of not only peaceful silence but snuggling up together for a snooze ... aaahhhh :)

little M & big m

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

German Schnitzel Tutorial

German Schnitzel Tutorial

- crack an egg on a plate
- add a pinch os salt and a dash of sweet paprika
- mix with fork loosely
- submerge tenderised pork and coat on both sides

- add breadcrumbs onto a second plate ( we use glutenfree breadcrumbs)
- take the egg covered meat and coat on both sides

- add olive oil an a small knob of butter into frying pan
- sweat an onion until golden brown

- add the covered meat
- after 30 seconds turn over to seal both sides and retain moisture of meat

- cook for approx 20 min depending on thickness if meat after tenderising ( beating with a cooking mallet to flatten )

- turn frequently to get breadcrumb coat of schnitzel golden brown

- we like to serve it with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes

- garneshed with green peas and soft fried courgettes ...

- eaten in the sunshine :)

Ingredients for German Schnitzel Recipe:

- pork loin or turkey steak
- 1 large egg per 4 small schnitzels
- pinch of salt
- pinch of sweet paprika
- breadcrumbs
- olive oil
- knob of butter

little M& big m

another rabbit rescue

Another successful rabbit rescue ... grasped out of Ronnies claws at the last minute ...

a young rabbit ... we have a policy of putting all wildlife that escapes the fangs of our cats into a big cosy box ...

if the survive one hour ... and appear agile and capable of voluntary movement .. we release them back unto the wild from where they came ...

this little rabbit lived to see another day ...

It is however interesting to contemplate ... we have hundreds of rabbits here where we live and need the cats to keep the population at a managable level in order for us to be able to successfully grow our vegetables ... yet when faced with the sight of a little rabbit in distress all sorts of instinctive protective urges set in ... at time I imagine I feel like a lion mama protecting her young ...devoid of any rational thought :) .. but the I like it that way and it makes me happy to see a little white bobbly tail race of into the undergrowth ... until tomorrow :)

milliande :)


First there was a mysterious cocoon

then a pop

and a wriggle and a peek

and before you knew it a beautiful young butterfly emerged ... stretching its gorgous wings to catch a little breeze

and then it landed

took a little look at the beauty all around it ...

until it settled ... extended its probosis to take in a much needed drink

... and so a whole new set of adventures await

little M & big m

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Born to Learn

Ahh to honour and facilitate the innate curiosity and thirst of human to learn, to investigate, to playfully discover ... lies at the heart and soul of an unschooler :-)

Born to Learn is the first animation in a fascinating series aimed to provide easy-access to the exciting new discoveries constantly being made about how humans learn!


Monday, June 27, 2011

animal encounters

animal encounters

a little wren rescued today from the claws of greedy little Ronnie

the pony is getting tall .. a neighbours farm has to mums with their foals playing in the paddock

a gorgeous slowworm hiding in the a pile of leaves..

fun playground time after gym class .. the dinosaur broke his leg and needed a tisane of 8 leaf herbs and a goid beating wirh a pine needle branch to increase circulation ;) ... followed by a splash into a cooling paddling pool after another unusually hot day ...

little M& big m

Thursday, June 23, 2011

day to day fun

day to day fun

practicing german in the car with our new ting books which Maya adores .. contain an electronic pen that speaks vocabulary back at the listener ..

then off to a much missed rockclimbing session

fun and games to warm up

yep ... the view from the top is fab

followed by 5 hours of swimming I now have a young lady that is happy but quite exhausted ... but not to tired to check emails from her new penpals :)

little M & big m

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite Night Storytime Books

Our Current Favorite Night Storytime Books

me reading to Maya

" The Little Soul and the Sun"
by Neale Donald Walsh

The Little Soul and the Sun: A Children's Parable Adapted from Conversations With God "

" All I see is part of me"
by Chara m.Curtis , illustrated by Cynthia Aldrich

All I See Is Part of Me"

" Gnomes"

" Persephone"
by Sally Pomme Clayton and Virginia Lee


" Relax Kids"
Meditations for Kids
Relax Kids: The Wishing Star: 52 Magical Meditations for Children, Ages 5+

" Morgenkind"

Morgenkind. ( Ab 6 J.). Bilder- Vorlesegeschichten."

will write another post on current favourite reading books Maya loves tomorrow :-)

night night
little M & big m

catching up at home

Having travelled for a lot of springtime it has been a whirlwind week catching up with homestuff, activities and friends ..

Trying out a new homeschool gym class with some fabulous facilities which Maya loved ... so our monday lunchtimes are now filled up with gym activities ...

followed by playground time with friends .. this playground still has some fab equipment for older kids ... watching the little toddlers take their first tentative steps on the big slides does bring quite a few feelings of nostalgia ... just where is my baby gone ???? :)

Instead I have a gorgeous young woman for company ... what a blessing

We stumbled upon a fleamarket sale and ended up lucky with 67 ... yes 67 fab kids books for £ 5 .. now deep into her new favorite - a1970's illustrated animal encyclopedia .. Maya is inspired to draw some creatures ..

a predatory lion attacking a wolf .. pencil sketch

whilst gardening with her Dad they come across this gorgeous friendly slowworm ... after a quick hello he is safely nestling in a warm heap of leaves away from the preying eyes of our cats ...

.. and before we know it it is monday again ... gym fun, followed by fencing on tuesday ..

time for a well earned rest and some storytime by the light of our new mama & daughter reading lamp :)

little M & big m