Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maya declares it's paddling pool time

Maya declares it's paddling pool time

yep .. it's march .. the sun is shining so nothing is going to stop Maya from getting into her little pool

filled up Ronnie Smoocher is taking a curious peek

time for a splash ..

a dive ...

and a roar ...

exhausted but wrapped up and happy .. ready for ...

... a big bowl of pasta with gorgonzola , cheddar charmer and spinach sauce .... yum :)

after all that it's time for an afternoon nap in the sun ..

The man got my new flower bed ready ...

.. waiting to be planted

in the meantime this little daisy will keep me happy

little M, big m and the Man

Saturday, March 26, 2011

sunshine bike rides

sunshine bike rides

Another beautiful day ... so we made the most of it ... polished up our bikes for the first time this season

off through the woods ...

stopping off at our favourite little lake .. the weeping willow is starting to bloom and the Canada geese enjoying the view too

little picnic break and inspecting the works on the restoration of our local canal lock

they are hoping to restore the canal to it's former glory and providing passage for the narrowboats .. it will take many years but progress is viewable each year

look at this little beauty. :)

time for a cup of vanilla earl grey and a well earned rest :)

m&m&the man

Friday, March 25, 2011

magical playgrounds

magical playgrounds

we stumbled upon this magical playground today and managed to "sneak" in even though they had an upper age limit of 6 years

ohh look at those gorgeous window panes .. I fell in love with the beautiful hand hewn design

peek a boo

a heart for a heart

love peek a boo grids too :)

and cacti .. always had a thing for cacti , the color, the shape , the protective beauty

ahh what a beautiful day ... did you have a joyful day too ?

little M & big m

Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring sunshine

we had the most wonderfully warm day yesterday.. with nearly 20 degrees, blue sky and not a cloud in sight it felt like a perfectly delicious early summer day

let's stick our noses outside and catch some sunrays ...

first picnic of the year .. dragged out our books, journals, drawing stuff and a lovely cup of dragon tea .. yum

Ronnie is never far from where the action is ... but babe is deeply engrossed in her book so he is off in search of another playmate ..

we enjoyed a lovely bikeride down to the duckpond ... and Wolf Leoline came too ... now I do need to find that bike pump .. my bottom got rather sore

feeding the ducks at sunset ..

and a cheeky fish came up for second helpings

giggles and moments and joy and laughter and I Love You's

a day well lived ...
big m & little M

hanging out with Omi & Opa

hanging out with Omi & Opa

- we had a fun week hanging out with Omi and Opa in Germany, we don't get to see them that often so it was great to take some time to catch up ..

giggle are always guaranteed if opa starts teasing you .. he has a way of always making babe laugh .. deep belly laughs that is .. Oh Mann Opa ;)

... Opa and babe have gone swimming .. so we have a girly mooch and a spot ice-cream and a delicious chai tea ...

7 am ... shhh let's sneak into Omi,s bedroom ..

Omi's Birthday ... Candles, cake and presents in bed ... plus a little glass of something sparkly ;)

.. cheers :)

presents in bed ..

love you Omi :)

utter concentration

.. don't bit your Tongue ;)

ever tried playing bop it in german ... giggle .. that second required to think could be your downfall already ... giggle

happy birthday to youuuuuuuu

Omi and opa treat ... choosing a new toy at the build a bear factory

breathing life and love into a new wolf companion ...

thank you Omi and Opa :)

now for a round of Chess ...

and bringing Opa up to speed on the latest gameboy technologies ;)

wow what a week ... time fir a little rest ... hope to see you again soon ...

night night :)

little M & big m

Sunday, March 6, 2011

life lived


when one has mice for pets ... what better way to spend an afternoon with friends building a mouse maze hotel ... cutting up some recycled cardboard ...


sticking pieces together and designing the various adventurous levels ...


add a secret box of doom filled with ooh sooo tempting mouse treats no mouse could ever resist ;)


find a good spot in the treehouse to arrange the mouse maze so all the Sylvanian families could welcome the new guests


peek to see how the mice move to explore


Ohhh and the loved the nooks and crannies ... busily scurrying to and fro exploring ... such clever creatures ...



more friends came to play


and the first outing of the year ... releasing the pondboat for many a summer journey to come


and my little chef .. loves nothing more then cooking up a good breakfast for us to share


first though it's only " proper" to choose ones dishes from the daily menu ;)


warm enough for the first breakfasts on the swing seat in our front garden .. ahh love the feeling and the way all the memories of a warmth filled summer come flooding back into my veins ..


loving watching lost at the moment and Maya could not resist trying her hand at building a shelter and gathering some firewood for some " Lost Island Adventures " ahhh life is colourful
big m & little M
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