Friday, March 25, 2011

magical playgrounds

magical playgrounds

we stumbled upon this magical playground today and managed to "sneak" in even though they had an upper age limit of 6 years

ohh look at those gorgeous window panes .. I fell in love with the beautiful hand hewn design

peek a boo

a heart for a heart

love peek a boo grids too :)

and cacti .. always had a thing for cacti , the color, the shape , the protective beauty

ahh what a beautiful day ... did you have a joyful day too ?

little M & big m


  1. Was this in the UK ? it really does look magical

  2. Love the patterns you posted for everyone to see.

  3. You do have a knack for having fun! Wish I lived nearby! =D

  4. looks like a hansel and gretel type of these play areas