Thursday, March 24, 2011

hanging out with Omi & Opa

hanging out with Omi & Opa

- we had a fun week hanging out with Omi and Opa in Germany, we don't get to see them that often so it was great to take some time to catch up ..

giggle are always guaranteed if opa starts teasing you .. he has a way of always making babe laugh .. deep belly laughs that is .. Oh Mann Opa ;)

... Opa and babe have gone swimming .. so we have a girly mooch and a spot ice-cream and a delicious chai tea ...

7 am ... shhh let's sneak into Omi,s bedroom ..

Omi's Birthday ... Candles, cake and presents in bed ... plus a little glass of something sparkly ;)

.. cheers :)

presents in bed ..

love you Omi :)

utter concentration

.. don't bit your Tongue ;)

ever tried playing bop it in german ... giggle .. that second required to think could be your downfall already ... giggle

happy birthday to youuuuuuuu

Omi and opa treat ... choosing a new toy at the build a bear factory

breathing life and love into a new wolf companion ...

thank you Omi and Opa :)

now for a round of Chess ...

and bringing Opa up to speed on the latest gameboy technologies ;)

wow what a week ... time fir a little rest ... hope to see you again soon ...

night night :)

little M & big m


  1. What wonderful photos Milliande My parents only live 25 miles away and you have made me feel very ashamed that I have no images of us together looking so happy.

  2. great photos thanks for sharing