Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring sunshine

we had the most wonderfully warm day yesterday.. with nearly 20 degrees, blue sky and not a cloud in sight it felt like a perfectly delicious early summer day

let's stick our noses outside and catch some sunrays ...

first picnic of the year .. dragged out our books, journals, drawing stuff and a lovely cup of dragon tea .. yum

Ronnie is never far from where the action is ... but babe is deeply engrossed in her book so he is off in search of another playmate ..

we enjoyed a lovely bikeride down to the duckpond ... and Wolf Leoline came too ... now I do need to find that bike pump .. my bottom got rather sore

feeding the ducks at sunset ..

and a cheeky fish came up for second helpings

giggles and moments and joy and laughter and I Love You's

a day well lived ...
big m & little M


  1. I can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your faces, pure joy and contentment. ♥♥

  2. heres to the lovely sunshine it lifts everyones spirits..lovely photos especially the last one