Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catching up at home

Having travelled for a lot of springtime it has been a whirlwind week catching up with homestuff, activities and friends ..

Trying out a new homeschool gym class with some fabulous facilities which Maya loved ... so our monday lunchtimes are now filled up with gym activities ...

followed by playground time with friends .. this playground still has some fab equipment for older kids ... watching the little toddlers take their first tentative steps on the big slides does bring quite a few feelings of nostalgia ... just where is my baby gone ???? :)

Instead I have a gorgeous young woman for company ... what a blessing

We stumbled upon a fleamarket sale and ended up lucky with 67 ... yes 67 fab kids books for £ 5 .. now deep into her new favorite - a1970's illustrated animal encyclopedia .. Maya is inspired to draw some creatures ..

a predatory lion attacking a wolf .. pencil sketch

whilst gardening with her Dad they come across this gorgeous friendly slowworm ... after a quick hello he is safely nestling in a warm heap of leaves away from the preying eyes of our cats ...

.. and before we know it it is monday again ... gym fun, followed by fencing on tuesday ..

time for a well earned rest and some storytime by the light of our new mama & daughter reading lamp :)

little M & big m


  1. What a great lamp! Did you make it?

  2. No ..I did not make it ..but a very talented lady, called Hannah did , She has a beautiful shop called Radiance Lighting... enjoy taking a peek http://www.hannahnunn.co.uk/ ...milliande

  3. Thank you! I will check it out. :)