Tuesday, September 7, 2010

• crystals and fossils in Fort William

• we stumbled upon the crystal and fossil museum in fort William on our way to mallaig and could not resist taking a peek ...

• some large specimens of selenite crystals

• some truly magnificent crystal specimens on display ... Rose quartz, rock crystal , amethyst, desert Rose in XL size

• Maya was particularly taken with the bismuth crystals / metal

• crystals that glow in the dark
here displayed under Uv light

• without the uv light :)

• a T-Rex head fossil

• the fierce sabre tooth tiger one of Maya's favourite animals ..

• beautiful hand painted illustrations around all the galleries

• the crystals were beautifully displayed with lots of them available for hands on handling .. and such friendly people .. really stood out .. Maya fell in love with a tigers eye crystal but it was only available as an earring ... so the lady split the pair of earrings ... added a fixing to turn it into a pendant all there and then ... Maya was sooo happy :)


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  1. What a nice discovery. I'm a rock hound myself and find crystals especially fascinating. Love the lighted ones. Not sure what Maya is holding on to in that last pic, but love the way the light catches her face and arm around that crystal coated tube. Is that amethyst crystals?