Tuesday, September 7, 2010

• fauna and flora of Scotland encountered

the natural colours of scotlands fauna and flora ,at the end of summer as autumn is starting to creep in at the edges, is breathtaking .

• a highland cow grazing happily..

• foxgloves nestlings amongst the purple heathers

• fly agaric in all it's beauty

• Scottish Heather in bloom

• a cone from the mighty fir trees in the forest

• wild fungi everywhere

• moss and lichen covered magic pathways into the deep, dark and very mysteriously inviting forest .... :)

• bolder and stone Walls

• a baby toad

• a baby fir tree

• little fishes in the loch, which we were told also played home to many a trout ..

• spotting a bird of prey circling the sky .. we could hear it's call but could not make it out ... the area around the Galloway Forest is known for it's red kite population

• settling down for today

... milliande
blissfully happy in Scotland

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