Saturday, November 6, 2010

Museum of Childhood

The beautiful architectural front of the Museum of Childhood in London

We had fun at all the little hands on sections in the museum in the museum of childhood in London

They have lots of temporary exhibitions too .... Paper Cut Fold is on until January

Maya enjoyed a little Victorian dressing up playing in the make believe kitchen :)

- yeah , wooden rocking horses for bigger kids , come on old stead :)

- The Tale of the dragon who though he was a Highland Cow

- I loved the black and White Punch and Judy Puppet Boxes and so did Maya. Again it was great that they had one which larger kids could fit in to ... even though nearly 10 ... Maya still loves slipping into all the little games

- trying to make the gear connections connect so that in turn the robot will "come alive"

As we were trying as part of Maya's 10th birthday weekend, to find some museums and fun places we had not been to before , The Museum of Childhood was on our list

It us part of the Victoria and Albert Museum albeit located in Bethnal Green , not Kensington

A smallish museum but great little pockets oh hands on sessions as well as regular free arts and crafts sessions in the afternoon ... babe enjoyed making magicians hat with a pop out rabbit

- tower building in process

Maya was all inspired by the various Victorian mechanical toys on display and we will live to return here, sketchbooks in hand fir a but of inspiration for our design studies ....

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