Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Clomanders - homemade Christmas decorations

Ingredients for making Clomanders ( cloves and mandarins )

- soft mandarins
- cloves
- cinnamon sticks
- wire
- a fir twig

- cut the mandarins on 4 sides
- 2 small (not too deep cuts next to each other )

- in the uncut gaps pierce cloves in a row

- through the soft middle on one side pierce a piece of wire to come through near the middle if the other side

- wire wrap a piece of cinnamon stick with the looped wire ... then pierce through again to meet the wire at the beginning ( make sure to cut a long enough piece of wire )

- attach a little twig of a fir tree by looping the wire around it before connecting both ends by twisting

- voila ... sweet smelling Clomanders for the festive season

.... our Clomanders drying out in front if the fire

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  1. I love the smell and how pretty they always look. :)Bea