Monday, August 2, 2010

• mama I feel like drawing •

• we love hanging out outside in the summer, baskets full of drawing ones, stacks of papers lying on our tummies with curious cats tails tickling our noses as they wonder by ..

• mama , I feel like drawing she said... and off we scatter to be kissed by the muse ...

• we like playing " Hide Away Creature Drawing " ... taking a piece of paper folding it into 4 equal parts and the one person starts to draw the head / heads of the creature ... when finished folds it over so the next person can't see only leaving 2 little lead in lines for the person to continue drawing from ... next comes upper body ... then swap again ... lower body ... swap again for the last feet drawing

...some funny creatures evolve with these collaborative drawings , the crazier the better

It's fun to use lots of bold colors or try restricting the drawing to the same 4 Colors only for a unified look :)


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