Monday, July 19, 2010

• camp impressions 2 •

• we have had great fun locating a geocaching hide near to our homeschooling camp .. armed with gps coordinates, an ordinance survey map and accompanied by our new friends from Scotland we marched off in the direction of the treasure hunt excitement ...

• on the way we came across a lock on the river Medway where a motorised sailboat was trying to cross from one side of the lock to the other
... the kids got invited to help out moving the lock gates and were happy to have a go

• getting to know each other along our path, Maya discovered that Finn and Lachie loved lots of the same things that she does ... from Dragons, Drawing Creatures and Stop Motion Animations ... they had lots to talk about :)

• soon we needed a refreshing dip from the pier of another lock ... after we spent 3 hours walking through wheat fields, discovering dragon tree hideouts and adventuring over muddy ditches

... but soon we were getting closer and closer to our geocaching destination

• a big pipe invited whispered conversations :) along the way

• signs of summer

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